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agua profunda

agua nacida

agua vida


All in Archival C Type Metallic print
All in Archival C Type Metallic print
All in Archival C Type Metallic print

In Spanish, “Agua Nacida” translates to “water born” —

an apt title for a series inspired by human origins. In

sweeping compositions that evoke both flight and

classical sculpture, “Agua Nacida” investigates the

symbolic parallels between birth and the feminine element

from which all life emerges: water.

Blurring the line between the visual language of the

digital age and 1920s surrealism, Agua Profunda

transcends the confines of the body and the "rules" of

classical composition in order to discover something new.

Agua Profunda, or "Deep Water," represents the liminal

space between the known world and conscious thought

— approaching the logical end of the cycle.

Agua Vida ("Water Life") explores destiny as an

occurrence between people — the way bodies interact or

collide in space. With panoramic sea-scapes, Hugh

Arnold's imagery delves into the multifarious and

explosive bonds that bring people together and tear them

apart. Each image serves as a complex portrait of human

relationships and interaction.

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